Railenium: Created to extend the actions of the competitive clusters, the 8 institutes of technological research (IRT) are a melting pot of innovation.
Railenium, the Railway IRT, brings together skills and means from nine research centres, eighteen companies from the railway field and two network managers. Financed by public and private resources in a co-investment perspective, Railenium is at the service of an entire field and its strategic axis are directed by the needs of the field.

The Stakes of the railway field:

– Reduce the railway costs
– Enhance the capacity of the railway system and make the operation more reliable, safe
– Accelerate and facilitate the innovation process and validation phase
– Reduce the environmental impact and increase the energetic efficiency
– Improve the costumer’s experience (loader and traveller)

Its objectives:

– Improve the railway system and the future train’s performance
– Reinforce by the innovation the competitiveness of the railway field and its industry internationally

Its missions
– Pilot the R&D and innovation programs
– Develop a test and mean strategy
– Organise the training of all the actors in the railway field

Its ambition

Become a world leader for R&D, innovation and training engineering in the railway field to the system on its entirety

To reach its objectives, the IRT develops innovating tools:
– Collaborative work methods
– Development of owned, collaborative and cooperative project
– Setting up a strategy of test and means with dialogue of the needs of the field

The genesis

Taking a look back on the different steps that marked Railenium’s creation

– Priority to the innovation, with the Investment Programs of the Future (PIA)
In 2010, the French government unblocked thirty billion of euros to finance -inter alia- new programs of investments in the future fields (PIA), with special attention to the more ambitious projects in regard of R&D.
– Priority for the excellence, with the technological research institutes (IRT). Public research, innovation and higher education are the PIA ‘s priorities. These skills are gathered in the heart of eight IRT, including Railenium, with a global envelop of 2 billion of euros.
– Railenium ‘s important dates
• October 26th 2012: publication of Railenium’s creation decree
• November 16th 2011: signature of the statutes of the scientific cooperation foundation bringing the IRT project by its 28 founding members
• May 23rd 2013: signature of the convention with the government (National research agency)